"Origami" can be freely various expressed with one piece of only paper. We'd like to disseminate it to the world through the Web.


Make the circle of people who loves creative activity.

Creation is possible in all alone, nevertheless even more the common fellows give enrichment to our life. Our forum provides the place to come upon amazing people who share their life. Also we One’s Corporation in future, hope to fill the world with the smile by connecting people who have the creative heart.


  • Engineer, Director
  • Tomoyuki Matsushima

Ten years old, I produced my first simple game when I had an adventure that programming (BASIC) on my father's computer “PC-8001mkll SR” behind him back. Fifteen, I will never forget those happy days. I started learn of programming in earnest. Instead of working, I was obsessed in developing games all the time. The beta testers were my friends. I had distributed my bloods, sweats and tears one after another, however I had received feedback and remodeled them the day after day. And then after that, I engaged in game development when I went out in the world. But I changed in the WEB industry when I was fed up with under a severe condition on that field. In those days I had handled PHP language, but I learned MVC since encountered CAKEPHP. In the present days, I work on the project using Ruby on Rails. In my free time, I am a beginner, but like playing golf, or watching movies. Living peacefully with two land tortoises and two hermit crab. Looking for the only one. So just ping “origami.to” please, if you are interested me.

  • Engineer, Designer
  • Eisuke Ozawa

I enjoy soaking myself in coding everyday with Rails or Sass, after being involved in planning. But also I spend blissful time at the spa on my day off. (lol) My heart lightens to take my beloved dog for a walk or listening to music. Especially, I love rock music that is wide range of contemporaries from 80’s. Actually, I had only just started tennis, but I would do my best to participate a tournament. By the way, I am fun the games. I finally take part in POKEMON-GO, invite me! I would like to keep on making a new one than the default remodeling. The biggest reason was that I was on cloud nine when I could provide it in to the marked. WACCA project hope was going well with you, you could do creation happily.


Best place to crowd of all who loves origami.

Sharing site of photos and exchange relation.


"Origami.to" is released.
Beta version for "Origami.to" website open. It should be the Best place for all the origami lovers.


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